Tuesday, April 17, 2007


putribanten said...

Dear Fen-fen, Anwar and Ilalang
How are you all. Today, 10/11 Adam asked me to translate a story about his father that is written by you. An interesting story, and of course bias. But I am happy that he has given you something that you will remember forever.I am ok, working hard as ever. Adam is now living with me while Zein is living in Melbourne. I would like to know if you can give me address of Uncle. I feel so sorry for my children who never have any contact with their father for years. He probably has done so much for other people but not for his own children. According to Adam I am not a person as you portrayed in your story. And if my children happy with the way I brought them up that is more important for me. Good luck with your writing. I am very proud of you. Malia


teh Rita, makasih sudah komentar. coba kami minta email teteh atuh, biar fenfen balas.

untuk kebaikan fenfen dan semua orang, tulisan ini akan saya hapus dulu di blog.

Nuhun pisan.